Recruiting Azure DevOps Engineers for a software development agency

  • Company name Undisclosed
  • Company size: 50
  • Services provided: IT Recruitment
  • Duration of project: 1 month
  • Engineers (FTE): 1
  • Technology: Azure, DevOps, Terraform, Bicep

Customer Profile

During this collaboration, we provided recruitment services to Polish software development agency with a long-standing relationship with a British government institution, which was in need of recruiting an experienced Azure DevOps Engineer to join their team.

We were entrusted with the task because of our knowledge and experience in DevOps competencies, which we are able to convert into efficient and effective recruitment.

Project & Assignment

When we established the most important aspects of our cooperation, we could move on to activities already strictly related to recruitment. In this case, it included one role: Senior Azure DevOps Engineer

The client wanted the specialist to join the team within a maximum of two months from the start of recruitment, but thanks to our extensive talent pool, we were able to close the recruitment within just 3 weeks.


Our Approach

We have a broad talent pool of high-level professionals with whom we already have established relationships. On top of that, we network on an ongoing basis to meet and attract new talents willing to work with us and our clients.  As a result, we are able to bring almost any recruitment process to completion, regardless of its level of complexity.

In this case, our talent pool played a key role in filling this position. We launched several recruitment channels to make the candidate runoff as large as possible, but the candidate who was finally selected by the client came from our permanent base of professionals.

This proves that building long-term relationships with candidates is a very important factor in successfully closing the recruitment process, and our talent pool is no less valuable a source of candidates than dedicated job ads.

Already at the stage of screening resumes, we emphasize accuracy and the highest possible level of technical match to the project, and so it was in this case as well – out of dozens of profiles initially matching the project requirements, we selected 14 of the most compatible ones, with whom we decided to contact and present them with an offer.

During HR phone screening, our recruiters conduct a partial technical verification, instead of focusing only on cultural aspects. As a result, the entire process takes much less time for the candidate and for the end client because key decision-making and filtration can be done at a very early stage. However, this does not mean a lack of meticulousness with the cultural-behavioral part of the interview – we always put a lot of emphasis on the fit between the candidate and the client’s company and team, as well as the work culture that fits with them.

Channels and sources

Our recruiters use a variety of sources on an ongoing basis to reach the best talent in the market and to establish relationships with them. As a result, our talent pool is constantly expanding with vetted and trustworthy individuals.

What is Relout Talent Pool?​

Our recruiters use a variety of sources on an ongoing basis to reach the best talent in the market and to establish relationships with them. As a result, our talent pool is constantly expanding with vetted and trustworthy individuals.

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Components of our success

During telephone interviews, the recruiter gave the candidate all the information about the team and the project that was provided, including strictly technical information, and information related to the work culture that prevails in the client’s structures. Thanks to this, our candidates from the beginning had a picture of what to expect in the project, and already at the HR screening stage, they could decide whether they were interested in further participation in the process. At this stage, the candidate was also informed of the proposed salary range.

Providing the candidate with so much information at such an early stage of the recruitment process was possible thanks to the client’s clear specification of project requirements, and being in constant contact with them. We always emphasize a meticulous recruitment briefing, and this was also the case here.

When screening resumes, our recruiter focuses on ensuring that selected candidates meet requirements such as


Commercial experience as an Azure DevOps Engineer

Must have

Experience in technologies relevant to the project - Terraform, Bicep, Automation

Nice to have

Experience in min. 2 technologies identified by the client as “nice to have”


English language skills at the level of min. B2

Another factor contributing to the quick and successful completion of the recruitment was the short time in which candidates waited for feedback. We were in constant contact with the client, we learned on an ongoing basis about the results of internal interviews, and collected reliable feedback, so that by the next day at the most, the candidate received a response, and we could quickly and efficiently engage further candidates in the process, in case of a negative decision.

A very important factor that had a positive impact on the success of the recruitment was the conditions offered by our client – an attractive pay rate, interesting benefits, and a friendly organizational culture were important components of our success.

Result and Outcome

Openness in communication, high responsiveness, and continuous exchange of feedback between our client and us, as well as the precise definition of requirements and needs – these are the features that characterized this cooperation and contributed immensely to the positive and quick completion of the process.

We place great importance on being close to the customer and his needs, making all suggestions, comments, and information to him, and encouraging him to do the same towards us. This case is an excellent example of how such practices result in good results and mutual satisfaction.

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Project in numbers


Sourced Candidates


Passed HR Screening


Passed Tech Verification


Invited to client


Hired by Client


Time to complete (weeks)

Services provided

IT Recruitment

1 dedicated DevOps Engineer - Full Time Senior Azure DevOps engineer hired directly by the client

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