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Leeroy Group

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Talent as a Service

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24 Months

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AWS, Kubernetes, Java, Typescript, Microservice

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Customer Profile

Leeroy Group is a software development company based in Stockholm, Sweden that provides solutions like online food ordering, mobile apps, business analytics, restaurant management systems, integrations with external vendors (like Uber Eats), and custom devices for collecting orders in restaurants (Points of Sale). Clients of Leeroy Group are mainly large restaurant chains based in the Nordics.

Project & Assignment

At the end of 2021 Leeroy got in touch with Relout and requested a typical team-extension service, to backfill stepping down DevOps engineers and to increase the competence level in an already established platform team. We started by providing 2 talented Senior DevOps engineers who’s primary role was to support and accelerate an ongoing Kubernetes migration and reduce AWS billing and costs. Over time the scope of the assignment has changed significantly due to adapting to business realities (increasing inflation levels due to War in Ukraine and its effects on restaurants) but also thanks to a very promising and fruitful cooperation between Leeroy and Relout. Over time the staff from Relout has been increased to 4 DevOps/SRE Engineers including the promotion of one of the members to team leader and a total of 4 Backend (Java) Engineers including team leaders and managers that were primarily focused on redesigning the monolithic core of the app and developing new microservices for the global platform (called Leeroy Cloud).

During H2 of 2022 Relout was supporting Leeroy in 2 big rounds of hiring and outstaffing for Backend Engineers roles which resulted in recruiting and verifying nearly 90 candidates out of which 20 were presented and 11 were approved by the Client.

Over time, Relout has been adjusting to the requirements and requests from Leeroy to backfill their staff and increase the competence levels of the teams while ensuring flexibility and performance levels of the entire cooperation. At the end of 2022 Relout became a strategic technology partner for Leeroy not only due to the number of staff but also a wide range of services provided (like organizing meetups in Poland and in Sweden) and general trust and solid partnership between Relout and Leeroy’s executives.

Our Approach

As a strategic technological partner, we have engaged in Leeroy’s recruitment process on various fronts: from legal aspects, through organizational matters, to actions related to human resources, recruitment, and technological infrastructure. Our goal was to provide comprehensive support at every stage of the process.

Within our Talent as a Service offering, we aim to build long-term collaboration. In this case, we start with individual individuals and then continue the cooperation by adding more specialists to the project for various roles – technical (DevOps, Java) and leadership.

What makes our activity stand out is the ability to organize various educational events, such as workshops, training sessions, and meetings, aimed at developing skills and knowledge. Thanks to this, Leeroy can benefit from our expertise not only in the technological field but also in personal and professional development.

We ensure talent development by organizing training sessions and creating educational materials for both the team and the team of programmers, compiling collections of best practices.

Talent as a Service

Our actions within the Talent as a Service include organizing visits to clients, conducting workshops, and integrative initiatives such as team building, aimed at building team cohesion and creating a friendly work atmosphere. Our goal is to create conditions conducive to effective cooperation and comfortable work for all involved individuals.

We provide comprehensive support at every stage, starting from event preparation, through its organization, to its execution. Our team pays special attention to every detail, ensuring smoothness from the moment of arrival at the airport. Additionally, we organize various attractions, such as go-karting, virtual reality experiences (VR), and soft skills exercises, to strengthen collaboration and maintain a positive dynamic.

Besides setting up meetings, we make sure we are always in the loop. Keeping the conversation flowing is key for us, so we are all about daily chats, mostly on Slack and Google Meet. This enables us to promptly address any needs or concerns.

Result and Outcome

We handled the end-to-end organization of meetings and workshops, bringing together talent from all levels of the company, from engineers to senior executives. These events were a key part of our Talent as a Service offering, designed to facilitate knowledge sharing, important discussions and team building. We also held outside meetings to encourage networking, strengthen team cohesion and promote personal and professional development, creating a vibrant community and fostering meaningful connections among our talented team members.

Offering assistance with recruitment and HR issues, we helped the company build from the ground up and strengthen the team in Poland. Our flexible and cost-conscious approach demonstrated our ability to tailor solutions to their unique technical and financial needs.

We take a comprehensive approach to talent management that goes beyond just assembling best-in-class teams. We prioritize ongoing growth and foster a culture of collaboration. Our internal training programs are invaluable for honing skills, and empowering employees to elevate their expertise. We promote a culture of lifelong learning, urging team members to make the most of these resources to thrive in their roles.

In terms of change and incident management, we implemented robust frameworks that allowed us to navigate organizational changes and disruptions smoothly. This ensured seamless transitions and minimized operational interruptions, ultimately reinforcing our resilience and adaptability.

Taking the lead in embracing DevOps culture and implementing Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) practices, we equipped our teams and engineers with essential tools and methodologies to thrive in their roles. This proactive initiative facilitated the seamless integration of development and operations, leading to streamlined workflows and improved communication between teams. As a result, collaboration flourished, fostering a synergistic environment where ideas were exchanged freely, and problem-solving became more efficient.


Our mission is to connect best-in-class, passionate engineers with fast-growing digital & technology companies.

Gerard Stańczak

CEO & Founder

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