Recruiting PHP Developer for marketing agency

Recruiting PHP Developer for marketing agency

Company name:

Pirk Spark

Company size:


Services provided:

Marketing agency developing its platform

Duration of project:

13 days

Engineers (FTE):



Linux, Javascript, PHP (Laravel), SQL (MySQL), Github Actions

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Pirk Spark is a rapidly growing digital marketing agency specializing in sales optimization on Allegro. We were recruiting for a team developing a proprietary SaaS platform called dedicated to Alllegro sellers, providing sellers with comprehensive analytics, sales process automation, and effective customer communication.

Project in numbers


Sourced of candidates


Passed HR Screening


Passed Tech Verification


Invited to client


Hired by Client


Time to complete (weeks)

Project & Assignment

The recruitment project began with a multi-directional analysis. Our role, at this stage, was to specify the requirements that the candidate must meet precisely. To this end, we held a briefing meeting with the client and team members to determine the key competencies and skills of the candidate being searched for. During this meeting, we discussed in detail both the technical aspects of the job and expectations for interpersonal skills.

After analyzing the client’s requirements, we created detailed recruitment offers, using a variety of channels to publish them. We used well-known recruitment platforms, such as Just Join IT, and actively engaged with social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn to reach as many potential candidates as possible.

We received 83 applications from candidates who met the basic criteria. Of these, 
35 passed the first screening stage, and 16 candidates passed the cultural and project verification. Of these 16, the technical verification stage was passed by 9 people. 
We recommended 3 people to the client, who perfectly matched the expectations.

Channels & Sources

We use a diverse range of sources to reach the best talent in the market and establish lasting relationships with them. As a result, our talent base is constantly growing with proven and trustworthy professionals.

As part of our holistic recruitment process, we actively use various channels, including both active and passive searches for candidates. We post our position announcements on well-known job boards, in groups on the social networking platform Facebook, and use our list of groups that developers often hang out in. In addition, we use our internal talent pool and sometimes reach out for support from search partners.

For this recruitment process, we have focused on four key channels: the joboard Just Join IT, Facebook groups, Linkedin, and partner collaboration.

Our Approach

Our methodology revolves around transparency and providing comprehensive support throughout the recruitment journey, commencing with a diagnosis and counseling phase to refine the job candidate’s requirements.

During this recruitment process, counseling played a pivotal role in achieving success. Our expertise enabled us to promptly rectify the initial shortcomings in the client’s approach. By actively gathering technical information, we acquired a more comprehensive understanding of the product vision and the company’s developmental aspirations. Employing a multidimensional analysis and collecting key data resulted in a successful recruitment process, concluding in under two weeks (13 calendar days).

An aspect we pay particular attention to is our in-depth understanding of the company’s culture and identification of challenges, allowing us to recruit individuals who fit not only in terms of technical skills as well as cultural aspects. Ultimately, finding a candidate who not only met financial expectations but also fit perfectly with the company’s unique culture, proved to be a key element of recruitment success.

Our approach focuses on matching candidates to the work environment, which contributes to building a team in which each member finds himself or herself in terms of both skills and cultural values.

Components of our success

Pirk Spark faced the challenge of hiring a new person to join the team developing the platform. It was crucial to find a new team member who would not only raise the level of competence but also be a leader, providing support to the other team members.

The selected candidates had to meet such requirements as:



Javascript (

PHP (Laravel)


Github Actions


Work in a small team and dynamic environment (startup)

Collaborate and report directly 
to the CEO/CTO

Willingness to continuously learn 
and develop your skills

Predisposition and willingness to act 
as a leader of a small team (<5 people)

Fluent Polish language 
(spoken and written)


PHP – min. 3 years of commercial experience

Application deployments 
and maintenance in the cloud 

Python (nice to have)

Result and Outcome

Thanks to our technical skills and years of experience, we successfully conducted the recruitment process, quickly delivering the ideal candidate to work on the platform.

After 3 months, the client expressed satisfaction with both the quality of the selected candidate and the entire recruitment process. He spoke highly of our communication and regular reports, which not only provided information about potential candidates and interview invitations but also included feedback from the market.

We managed to hire a candidate 22% cheaper than the average salary in the IT industry (for the Senior PHP Developer position, data for the first half of 2023). This not only confirms the effectiveness of our recruitment process but also contributes to cost optimization for the client.


Our mission is to connect best-in-class, passionate engineers with fast-growing digital & technology companies.

Gerard Stańczak

CEO & Founder

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