DevOps & SRE Staff Augmentation

Our team consists of Site Reliability Engineers, Infrastructure Architects and DevOps consultants with established line of communication and coworking experience as well as leaders and managers that ensure quality of technical execution and communication flows. We provide SRE & DevOps outsourcing services through Staff Augmentation & Dedicated Teams to address demanding and always-changing market and help you deliver high quality and reliabile solutions.

Our mission is to improve infrastructure management by implementing SRE & DevOps principles and actively collaborate with R&D departments developing the products. 

We believe that strength lies within a group, not individual. Therefore, we specialize in staff augmentation for dedicated teams.

We encourage you to get familiar with our cooperation strategy and vision to understand our way to address infrastructure outsourcing, its problems and challenges which prevent efficient and successful cooperation

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SRE Outsourcing

Site reliability became a modern trend and evolved from old Operations and System Administration fields. Working proactively by implementing observability and monitoring performance of critical services is a fundament to this trend. This SRE practice combined with DevOps mindset allows us to engage in full development lifecycle – starting from dev/QA environments ending on large-scale systems on production. We’re supporting services before and after they go live, improving scalability, availability, efficiency, and latency of the product as a whole.

Automation leading to NoOps

We implement auto-healing and auto-recovery mechanisms which decrease business risk, increase SLA, time to market and operational toil. Together with full orchestration and configuration management of our cloud and kubernetes resources – in a long term – we eliminate a need for a full-time employee managing the infrastructure and give more control and visibility to developers and managers.

Through complete automation we help you decrease operational toil, time to market and reliability of deployments and infrastructure overall

Measurement as key to success

Without key service level indicators (SLI) and defined service level objectives (SLO) It’s impossible to track how good or bad our services really are to the customers. We therefore help by analyzing your application in search of those key metrics and then build availability dashboards and reports, constantly keeping eye on error budgets and service level agreements for your clients.

Control & Visibility

Reliability comes from tested, proven processes and solutions as well as strong technical background and experience of people developing them. By minimizing business risks via gradual and controlled rollouts and gathering  business metrics from every piece of communication within a system we can strictly control access & flow and quickly identify bottlenecks. We implement tools and solutions that increase control and visibility of system activity such as tracing and service meshing


DevOps as a Service

Automating business flows and processes is a must these days to match customers expectations to release often and early. To achieve that goal the company needs to prepare its procedures and tools in order to stay reliable and operational.

Outsourcing DevOps Transformation

The company must undergo a transformation both on technical and mindset level. We help and support both of those areas and transitions. 
Through process refactoring and eliminating team silos we ensure communication and collaboration is efficient when it comes to using and consuming the infrastructure. 
Collaborative Culture

To encourage others to participate in the journey of product build and delivery we need to establish proper procedures and tools that allow everyone to collaborate to the end product. This can be achieved through infrastructure as code approach and shared responsibility & accountability which we embed into our work


One of the most powerful tools IT specialists have is automation. We help implement and build tools and frameworks that accelerate the deployment and delivery and eliminate the operational toil thus decreasing the costs. Read more on automation

Responsibility & Accountability

In order to break team silos and eliminate blame-games we help build cross-functional autonomous teams that focus on client and delivery throughout the entire lifecycle of the product. This helps build responsibility around quality and ensures fast and stable delivery.

Continuous Improvement

In the world full of changing circumstances caused by customer needs or technologies evolving everyone needs to embrace and accept the change and work together to prepare for it. We ensure teams have the proper mindset in place to improve and evolve continuously.

Customer Centric

Short feedback loops with real customers and end-users are critical to measure and implement stable and reliable solutions. Therefore, we encourage teams and specialists to act as lean startups that innovate continuously, invest in product business value and deliver the features quickly and efficiently to end clients. 

Deployment processes streamlining

Tooling and automation are key aspect of DevOps.  We optimize for integration and delivery by automating the business pipelines and implement industry standard tools for that purpose making it a continuous process.  
We provide design, implementation and maintenance services for CI/CD pipelines and underlying infrastructure as well as assist development teams with migrating existing flows from a solution to another and standardize on pipeline-as-code approach

Platform/Infrastructure as a service

In order to utilize the outcome of rapidly developed products the platform also needs to be adjusted and optimized for often and controllable delivery. Thus, we ensure infrastructure in Cloud or Kubernetes is ready for continuous deployment and development by automating pipelines and creating procedures that are strictly followed and documented.

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