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We are tech enthusiasts from Poland specializing in IT Recruitment & Talent Management. As your dedicated partner in sourcing and managing top-tier tech talent, we are committed to being the driving force behind your digital excellence.
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Working with Relout

Our main driving force is always the people. We refine the processes using human approach and focus strongly on talents and strenghts of an individual.
Each of our employees has projects adapted to their skills ensuring personal and proffesional development.
We invest time not only in work, but also in nurturing culture of learning, providing constructive feedback, acting transparently to your team members and organizing regular integrations and company meetups.
We appreciate all of our employees successes – the big ones and the small ones. We believe that team cannot function properly without respect and friendly atmosphere.

At Relout we prioritize knowledge sharing and team building along with nurturing culture of providing constructive feedback, acting transparently and integrating with your teammates on regular company meetups and events.

Gerard Stańczak

CEO & Founder

What our team says

I really appreciate working at Relout among smart and kind people. Everyone is open and helpful. It’s a place where you can learn a lot of new things. Despite the fact that we work remotely from all over Poland, there is also time to chat on casual topics and meet live on meetups from time to time. We have been through a lot together and there is a great atmosphere here.

Software Developer
Adam Bugajski

Working at Relout is great because I get to work on exciting projects with awesome people, while at the same time having a lot of flexibility in how to approach challenges in regard to clients expectations. Relout also promotes company wide education, providing plenty of ways to learn new things and most importantly, we got the perfect atmosphere at work

Observability Engineer
Adrian Szymorek

Relout is an exceptional IT company that I’m proud to be a part of. It fosters a collaborative and friendly environment with positive energy, open communication and atmosphere where ideas flourish. Employee growth and development is a priority here with many opportunities to expand skills, explore new areas, and reach your full potential through trainings, mentorship, or industry events to nurture professional growth. With a vibrant atmosphere, company culture, events, growth opportunities, respect, modern technologies, and amazing coworkers, it’s a workplace worth metaphorically coming back to – given the “remote first” approach.

Site Reliability Engineer
Adam Makowski

Having embarked on my HR journey at Relout I can confidently say that it has been an incredible experience. This company has offered me an environment that fostered my growth and contributed to the overall success of the organization. Relout’s remote work culture has been particularly rewarding, allowing me to achieve a healthy work-life balance while staying connected with my colleagues. The team at Relout is exceptionally supportive, collaborative, and driven, making every day a joy to be a part of. I am grateful for the opportunities for professional development that Relout has provided.

Human Resources
Ewelina Szuba

What we offer

Flexible contract currency of your choice (PLN/EUR/USD)

Small, self-organizing and autonomous teams

Async-first, remote first approach (meetings and logistics down to minimum)

Regular company events and integrations (meetups)

Recurring Fun budget to spend on anything that makes you happy (team activities encouraged!)

Educational budget to spend on certifications, trainings and conference attendance

Ability to access & use coworking office spaces in every major city in Poland

Attractive referral programs & bonuses

Unlimited legal advice & support with B2B partnership and self-employment

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Open Positions

We’re hiring talented engineers that are passionate about using software-based approaches to solve complex challenges and problems. You’ll be part of the engineering organization with strong focus on using industry standards and cutting-edge technology.

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