Site Reliability Engineering accelerated by DevOps mindset

Relout is a place created by ambitious people with passion for technology. We work for international projects and clients from various industries. We’re helping startups, software houses and enterprises to transform and scale their businesses. From infrastructure management to observability and automation – we’re building the foundation to scale for success.

Working with Relout

Our main driving force is always the people. We refine the processes using human approach and focus strongly on talents and strenghts of an individual. Each of our employees has projects adapted to their skills ensuring personal and proffesional development. We invest time not only in work, but also in nurturing culture of learning, providing constructive feedback, acting transparently to your team members and organizing regular integrations and company meetups

At Relout we prioritize knowledge sharing and team building along with nurturing culture of providing constructive feedback, acting transparently and integrating with your teammates on regular company meetups and events

We appreciate all of our employees successes – the big ones and the small ones. We believe that team cannot function properly without respect and friendly atmosphere.

What we offer:

Open positions

We’re hiring talented engineers that are passionate about using software-based approaches to solve complex challenges and problems. You’ll be part of the engineering organization with strong focus on using industry  standards and cutting-edge technology to manage and scale cloud native and kubernetes applications and infrastructure. Working at Relout, you’ll lead and contribute to initiatives aimed at scaling our systems, processes and automation.


Sales Specialist

  • Regular
  • March 17, 2023

Senior DevOps Engineer

  • Senior/Lead
  • Infrastructure
  • July 8, 2022

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

  • Senior
  • Infrastructure
  • July 8, 2022