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Relout Talent Briefing

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As part of the free advisory session, you will receive our proprietary Recruitment Brief containing a profile of an IT engineer, tailored to your requirements, but also tailored to the current realities and expectations of candidates, along with data on market salaries, expectations and technological strengths of your project.

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What is a recruitment briefing?

A Recruitment Briefing is a meeting (or series of meetings) during which the recruiter establishes with representatives of the company or team the expectations for a candidate in a given position. The purpose is to gather the necessary information to conduct an effective and optimized recruitment and match the right candidate to the company’s needs.

It is a valuable source of information for the recruiter, as well as for the managers and team leaders, as it enables the effective definition of the profile (avatar) of the ideal candidate, a better understanding of the market and increases the chances of finding talented individuals who fit the company’s culture.

As part of the Recruitment Briefing, you will receive the following benefits

You will reduce recruitment time

By accurately defining the requirements and profile of the candidate, the recruiter can identify suitable candidates faster, without making mistakes in the job description or exposing the company to advertising costs

You will reduce the risk of making mistakes

By thoroughly understanding the specifics of the position and the needs of the company, you can avoid mistakes in selecting a candidate.

You will increase the motivation of the candidate

A candidate who receives detailed information about the position and the company is more motivated to participate in the recruitment and take a job with the company.

You will build a positive image of the company

A well-conducted recruitment briefing results in a professional job posting and builds a positive image of the company as a reliable and honest employer.

Relout Talent Briefing

How will our Talent Briefing help you?

Our proprietary recruitment briefing supports technology companies with the following challenges.

We offer it for free and without any obligation

Difficulties in finding matching candidates

If you’re having trouble reaching qualified IT professionals, we’ll show you effective strategies in communication and methods used to attract valuable talent to your team

High turnover of employees

Poorly defined positions and expectations of candidates cause those who go through the recruitment process to quickly burn out and show disillusionment with the company, so they quickly resign from further cooperation.

Prolonged recruitment

Are your IT projects delayed due to lack of fast and effective recruitment? Briefing will allow you to expressly identify key competencies in candidates and reduce the risk of errors in a job offer or job description.

Lack of technical/recruitment expertise

If your HR department has limited resources or experience in recruiting IT professionals, a free briefing can be an opportunity to get support from our experts in the field.

The need to strengthen your team’s skills

If you feel your team is in need of new skills (not just technical skills) then our free briefing will help you determine who to look for and how to most effectively fill those gaps.

What do you get in a free briefing?  

If you need support in hiring talented IT engineers or want to optimize your recruitment process – our team has the perfect solution for you. You will receive a completed free recruitment brief from us, which will help your company match your offer to the market and candidates and prepare a technical verification

Market recognition

During the briefing, you will learn about current trends in the IT job market, and what salaries and conditions potential candidates are hoping for

Defining expectations and requirements

Our agency specializes in IT recruitment, which means that we have a great understanding of the specifics and requirements of this industry and can advise on how to define and attract the best candidates

Organizational culture analysis

During the briefing, we will help identify the characteristics of your company’s culture that attract or discourage potential candidates, and propose a communications strategy

Recruitment strategy

We help develop an effective recruitment strategy to attract the best talent and optimize the hiring process.

A look through the eyes of IT engineers

Thanks to our experience and team of technical recruiters, we can tailor the offer to market and technological realities and advise in terms of technical verification

Minimizing business risks

During the briefing, we will help you identify potential risks and present strategies to minimize them, thus reducing the risk of turnover and unsuccessful recruitment

We address the profiles of these candidates


AI/ML Test/QA Architecture Embedded Frontend Backend Mobile


.NET Java Python JS/TS PHP C/C++ Go PHP Ruby


Site Reliability DevOps System Cloud Automation Security ML Data

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