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We help tech companies bridge the competency gaps

Reduce staff turnover and optimize employment risks & costs. Let Relout take care of your IT Recruitment, HR and Talent Management

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Relout is created 100% by specialists from Poland

We provide talent acquisition services for the IT industry and take over responsibility for employee management via our Talent as a Service solution.
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We recruit up to 4x faster than in-house teams

Our unique recruitment process developed over the years allows us to effectively recruit employees from 2 weeks to 1 month, while on average it takes up to 4 months.
Need someone even faster?
We present the first candidates up to 72 hours after the recruitment briefing, using our talent pool.

Save up to 50% on the recruitment process & the cost of hiring an employee

When you decide to cooperate with Relout, you do not incur fixed costs related to the recruitment process; you receive one fixed rate, which can ultimately reduce employment costs by up to 50%.
You only pay for the engineer’s working days, not for his absence, and holidays are unpaid.
Additionally, candidates are managed by Relout – risk-free. HR involvement is minimal – we care about the contractor’s well-being.

Less than 5% employee turnover

Don’t worry about turnover and layoffs, and simply use our Talent and Account Management to maximize the benefits of your engineers’ experience.
Thanks to our Talent as a Service solution, the employee turnover rate is less than 5%.
TaaS includes both HR services and Staff benefits, which include, among others: Meetups & Offsites; Performance Monitoring; Leadership & Motivation Programs; DevOps Community; Knowledge sharing bonuses; Culture & Well-Being.

Our services

What we can do for your company?

90-days guarantee

IT Recruitment

Delegate your recruitment (sourcing, screening and verification) while minimizing business risks with our guarantees and success-fee pricing. As part of our IT Recruitment customers can choose from one-off & permanent recruitments, executive search and headhunting.

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Cultural & Tech
Verification and Matching

We realize that employees are not only about technical skills. The basis of a well-functioning team is also cultural fit, soft skills and interpersonal skills of candidates. We make sure that both areas – technical and cultural – are at the highest possible level and consistent with your company.

needs analysis

In addition to the guidelines received regarding the recruitment requirement, we also conduct interviews and analysis of the needs of all stakeholders: engineers, C-level and VP-level, to better understand who the company is looking for.

Technical people involved in the entire recruitment process

Our recruitment process, from beginning to end, involves both HR people and technical people who are able to effectively verify the experience and knowledge of candidates.

Candidate’s video
pitch deck solution

Together with the candidates, we prepare and send a video pitch deck in which the candidate talks about himself. Your company can get to know a potential new employee better.

& Headhunting

We have our own Talent Pool, and we effectively acquire candidates from the market – Poland has outstanding IT specialists, regardless of the seniority. The Polish market provides the best specialists.

We are not afraid of difficult recruitment cases

We can effectively recruit people who are difficult to find on the market or who require extensive experience. We help in the recruitment of: leaders, managers and senior profiles.

14-days trial

Talent as a Service

Our task does not have to end with the recruitment process. We can support your company in building an efficient and reliable team tailored to your needs thanks to our unique talent management focused on maximizing people’s potential. TaaS includes: Talent Management, HR Services & Staff Benefits
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& Education

We care about the constant development of employees and improving their competences. We offer Yearly Training Budget, also have Inhouse DevOps Community, Tech Forum & Channels, Internal Trainings, which employees can freely use.

Quarterly & yearly
performance reviews

Once a quarter and once a year, there is a review of candidates’ results (360*), which is also directly related to the NPS / CSAT customer satisfaction survey.

Safistfaction & Improvements Surveys

Once a quarter, we conduct a survey with decision-makers and people directly cooperating with consultants to collect the widest possible feedback that will serve as one of the components of consultant quarterly & yearly performance review.

Performance Monitoring

We have an internal leadership forum where we constantly monitor employees’ results and performance. We react in real time to possible drops in form, interpersonal problems, etc.

Leadership & Self Growth Programs

As part of TaaS, we offer additional training and support for leaders, programs promoting self-development for engineers, and bonuses for sharing knowledge.

Continuous Async Communication

We are in constant contact with our clients. We create a joint channel in Teams/Slack where we share news, team building photos and respond to immediate requests

Onsite workshops & Meetups

Twice a year, we organize a trip for our employees to your company’s headquarters, so that you can work together on site, get to know each other better, and spend some time together at and outside of work.

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Why Nearshore to Poland with Relout?


Poland’s strong work ethic, commitment to quality, and professionalism create a cultural affinity that enhances communication and teamwork. & Relout is created by people from Poland and we recruit the best specialists on our market.

Relationship Building

We don’t just aim for a one-time engagement; we strive to build long-term partnerships with our clients. Our focus is on understanding your evolving needs and contributing to the sustained success of your IT team.

to Market

Do you need new employees immediately? First talents in 72 hours. Average closed recruitment less than 2 weeks.

& Reliable

Poland boasts a robust education system that produces highly skilled IT professionals. By choosing Poland & Relout, you gain access to a talent pool renowned for its expertise and innovation.

& Quality guarantee

We are confident and confident about our recruitment process and TaaS. We provide a guarantee for both services.
14-day trial for staff or 90-day guarantee for recruitment.

Global Standards,
Local Expertise

Benefit from our understanding of global IT standards coupled with our local expertise.
We bridge the gap between international expectations and the unique qualities of the Polish IT landscape.

We focus on nearshoring

We help our neighbors match with reliable IT specialists

Headquartered in the heart of Poland, we are proud to be a trusted partner for companies looking for qualified specialists in the ever-changing information technology landscape.

At Relout, we specialize in connecting top-class IT talent with innovative companies from:

Success Stories

Strategic Nearshoring for Digital Restaurant Solutions Company

Leeroy Group – Swedish SaaS for Restaurants requested for support on DevOps and Backend Engineering. Over time we became a strategic nearshoring and key technology partner

Recruitment of Lead PHP Developer for a marketing agency

How Relout successfully recruited a Lead PHP Developer for a marketing agency, and the methodology behind this.

Talent as a Service for the IoT enterprise: SRE and Fullstack Development

The company’s goal was to source new talent quickly to keep pace with market demands. However, their in-house HR department faced challenges in achieving the necessary speed and they turned to Relout for help.

Candidate profiles we cover:


AI/ML Test/QA Architecture Embedded Frontend Backend Mobile


.NET Java Python JS/TS PHP C/C++ Go PHP Ruby


Site Reliability DevOps System Cloud Automation Security ML Data

What do our customers say about us?

“They are always quick to address any issues and provide prompt solutions to ensure the project stays on track.”

Relout has delivered the software on time. The client commends the vendor’s attentiveness, responsiveness, customer-centric approach, and commitment to meeting the project deadlines. They also praise the vendor’s efficient project management and communication via email and messaging apps.

CEO, CRM Consulting Firm

“Their willingness to share know-how and to produce results with high quality in a very professional way was impressive.”

Thanks to Relout’s help, the client now has full control of their AWS resources and accounts, which reduced the AWS cost by 40% and continues to do so. The team was helpful throughout, and their unselfish advocacy in sharing their expertise impressed the client.

Former CTO, SaaS Company
Robert Olsson


“They constantly work to improve processes.”

Relout has delivered valuable backend software features for the client’s business. The team is dedicated and responds quickly to the client’s needs, focusing on business value. Relout’s team is creative and never gives up despite difficulties, delivering work on time each sprint.

R&D Manager, Farming

“They were great, especially at delivering results without specific instructions.”

Relout helped the client reduce costs by 50% in six months. Relout’s creativity, knowledge, and ability to merge with the client’s team stood out. The prompt team was dedicated to the project’s success. They communicated daily via Slack or Google Meet and managed the project meticulously in Jira.

Former CTO, Leeroy
Pablo Santiago

“The team delivered on time on every stage.”

Thanks to the efforts of the Relout team, the company has reduced downtime and increased performance. They have communicated regularly, ensuring an effective workflow. The client has appreciated the team’s expertise and ability to deliver on time.

Managing Director, J15 Digital
Adam Romanowski


Our mission is to connect best-in-class, passionate engineers with fast-growing digital & technology companies.

Gerard Stańczak


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