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SRE and Fullstack Development

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Talent as a Service

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2022.10+ (ongoing)

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AWS, Serverless, SRE, TypeScript, Fullstack

Customer Profile

The client is a large player in the agricultural sector, distinguished by its deep focus on Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. As a large enterprise, they specialize in providing advanced digital and hardware solutions tailored specifically for monitoring and managing distributed equipment. Their comprehensive offerings go beyond conventional surveillance to include optimization of manufacturing processes through seamless integration of automation, machine learning, and advanced big data analytics.

Project & Assignment

The company faced the need to acquire new employees due to the increased demand for human resources as the company scaled. There was a necessity to possess specialized skills and competencies essential for project execution. The existing team couldn’t provide these required skills, creating a competence gap.

The growth in project numbers required more manpower than the current team could provide. The lack of adequate staff hindered efficient task execution and timely project completion.

The company aimed to acquire new talent quickly to keep in step with market demands. However, their internal HR department faced challenges in achieving the necessary speed. Relout, using its experience as an HR partner, delivers recruitment processes four times faster than internal teams. What’s more, the company needed highly qualified people to meet the project requirements.

Thanks to a prior, longstanding collaboration with the company’s CTO, whom we knew as a reliable partner, we commenced this project partnership. We started the cooperation by hiring two people. Demand grew, so in a short time another 8 people joined the team. Our new team members proved to be highly organized and exceptionally talented. The client continues to work with them, satisfied with their achievements. Our collaboration began in November 2022 and continues to this day, spanning over a year and three months.

Initially, our team consisted of Site Reliability Engineers (SREs), backend developers, and engineers. Over time, backend developers, including a tech lead, joined us. We had technical leaders in both SRE and backend areas. Currently, our team comprises three sub-teams, two of which have their technical leaders and engineers. All our employees are experienced seniors in their field.

Talent Management

We encountered typical project challenges where we lacked a sufficient number of employees. It was a situation where specific skills and competencies were needed to carry out the projects, which the current team composition couldn’t provide. As a result, we faced a lack of expertise and skills within the team, known as a competence gap, which we filled.

Collaborating with Relout meant a quick time to market, where we were able to find and onboard a candidate within two weeks, compared to the traditional recruitment process which would take two to three months.

Consultant quarterly & yearly performance review

As part of Talent as a Service, we take care of regular activities such as quarterly performance reviews and internal meetings. We organize workshops and send our consultants who actively participate in these events while integrating with the client.

Our approach is focused on maximizing the potential of individuals and working in partnership. We care about the well-being of employees, which includes providing appropriate feedback, a supportive culture, and training benefits.

Consultant Performance Monitoring

Consultant Performance Monitoring is one of our main tools, which we utilize every quarter. We gather feedback from both clients and candidates and then generate detailed reports that we share with both parties. These reports aim to improve the performance of consultants by providing them with feedback on their work and providing clients with tips for potential improvements. With examples such as optimizing communication or streamlining onboarding and project management processes.

Leadership & Self Growth Programs

Our efforts also focus on improving the skills of managers by providing them with specific feedback and guidance on team management. We assist in identifying areas requiring improvement and propose tools and methods for implementation.

Training & Education

We also concentrate on the continuous development of our employees by sponsoring their participation in conferences, training, and certifications, as well as through a leadership program that motivates leaders to take care of their teams. Continuous oversight of communication and regular internal meetings help us maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of our actions.

We promote a culture that fosters constructive feedback. All these actions are an integral part of our Talent as a Service (TAS) offering, which aims to build strong, motivated, and productive teams.

Account Management

Regular meetings in Sweden and workshops are an essential part of our operational strategy. In addition to organizing these events, we also sponsor client visits, which occur twice a year, with all associated costs covered by us. As part of our Talent as a Service offering, we incur various other expenses, including equipment purchases and providing additional employee benefits.

NPS & CSAT customer satisfaction survey

Every three months, we conduct a thorough survey that engages key decision-makers and those closely working with our consultants. This ongoing feedback process plays a vital role in enhancing and honing our consulting services. The valuable insights gathered form an integral part of both quarterly and annual performance evaluations for our consultants.

Onsite workshop

Our regular office meetings take place monthly, incorporating virtual “beer meetings” and all-hands meetings, which are held at least once a month, sometimes even more frequently. Every six months, we also organize company-wide meetings to facilitate team integration. From a talent management perspective, we conduct regular performance reviews with clients every quarter.

Continuous Async Communication

Our communication with clients is continuous and consistent, with client visits occurring at least twice a year. Additionally, we conduct quarterly customer satisfaction surveys, gather valuable feedback and opinions, and organize regular one-on-one meetings each month to maintain communication flow and promptly address any needs. Furthermore, we also arrange “wine and dine” events approximately twice a year to foster stronger relationships with our clients.


Our mission is to connect best-in-class, passionate engineers with fast-growing digital & technology companies.

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