Strategic Nearshoring for Digital Restaurant Solutions Company

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Leeroy Group AB

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Talent as a Service

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12 Months

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AWS, Kubernetes, Java, Typescript, Microservice

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Leeroy Group AB is a digital solutions company based in Stockholm, Sweden that provides software solutions for online & offline food ordering like mobile apps, business analytics, restaurant management systems, integrations with external vendors (like Uber Eats), and custom devices for collecting orders in restaurants (Points of Sale). Clients of Leeroy Group AB are mainly large restaurant chains based in the Nordics.

Project & Assignment

At the end of 2021 Leeroy got in touch with Relout and requested for our team-extension service, to backfill stepping down DevOps engineers and to increase the competence level in an already established platform team. We started by providing 2 talented Senior DevOps engineers who’s primary task was to support and accelerate an ongoing Kubernetes migration and reduce AWS billing and costs.

Over time the scope of the assignment has changed significantly due to adapting to business realities (increasing inflation levels due to War in Ukraine and its effects on restaurants) but also thanks to a very promising and fruitful cooperation between Leeroy and Relout. We also identified a strong need for HR and Talent Management within Leeroy organization and supported CTO and Managers by offloading several responsibilities from them.

Over time the talent pool provided by Relout has increased to 4 DevOps/SRE Engineers including team leader (dedicated team) and 5 Backend/Fullstack Developers (Java+React) including team leaders and managers that were focused on redesigning the monolithic core of the app and developing new microservices for the global platform (called Leeroy Cloud)

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AWS & Monolith Modernization with 45% Cost Saving

Our Approach

As a strategic nearshoring partner, we have engaged in Leeroy’s HR and recruitment process on multiple levels, starting from:

  • candidate sourcing (on polish market)
  • screening & HR verification
  • performing technical verification
  • arranging interviews with client
  • covering all legal & hardware aspects
  • managing and supervising the onboarding

Our goal was to provide comprehensive support at every stage of the process in order to allow Leeroy Executives to focus on their primary business and accelerate their performance within R&D.

Once we made a perfect talent-match and final consultants were selected, approved and onboarded into the project we could fully engage our Talent as a Service process, aimed at long-term collaboration

What made our TaaS stand out was going above and beyond client’s expectations of a typical contractor/staff augmentation model. We constantly monitored our consultant’s performance through async and sync methods, supported each of them individually through trainings, education and motivational programs as well as supplied them with wide range of fun & health benefits, to make sure they keep good work-life balance throughout their assignment.

On Client’s side we ensured constant flow of information through async and sync channels (weekly/monthly 1-1’s along with slack communication/updates) and regularly checked for satisfaction and feedback through surveys and reports.  We also organized several onsite events, both in Sweden and in Poland.

This allowed Relout to be a strategic vendor as well as team player and enabled Feedback Culture which in turn greatly improved our services.

Meetup Culture

At Relout we specialize in working with remote & distributed teams. Its a great way to optimize costs, access wider talent pool and, to some extend, increase productivity. But we believe its not enough to allow effective, long term collaboration and its important to meet your teammates and clients in person to allow team-integration, enable mutual trust and maintain work-life balance.

As a strategic nearshoring partner we organized 2 events in Poland and co-organized 1 in Sweden for Leeroy Group AB.

Leadership Workshop in Tumba, Sweden

Goal: Sharing best practices around R&D management, SDLC, retrospectives and several internal projects

Tech Workshop & Vendor Integration in Lodz, Poland

Goal: Collaborate with external vendors, brainstorm on key projects, discuss outsourcing & nearshoring strategy

Relout & Leeroy Org-wide MeetUp in Warsaw, Poland

Goal: Team Integration, Team Building Workshops, Strategy & Tech meetings

Result and Outcome

During H2 of 2022 Relout was supporting Leeroy in 2 big rounds of hiring and outstaffing for Backend Engineers roles which resulted in recruiting and verifying nearly 240 candidates out of which 9 were approved and hired by client.

During this project, Relout has been constantly adjusting to the requirements and requests from Leeroy to backfill their staff and increase the competence levels of the in-house teams while ensuring flexibility and high performance for the entire cooperation. At the end of 2022 Relout became a strategic technology partner for Leeroy not only due to the number of staff but also a wide range of services provided (like organizing meetups in Poland and in Sweden) and general trust and solid partnership between Relout and Leeroy’s executives.


Processed applications




Technical Interviews


Software Engineers


Team Leaders & Managers


Onsite Events & Workshops

We handled the end-to-end organization of 3 onsite meetups and workshops – 1 in Sweden and 2 in Poland, bringing together talents from different levels of the organization – from engineers to C-level executives. These events were a key part of our Talent as a Service offering, designed to facilitate knowledge sharing, team building and work-life balance.

Those actions helped us in creating a vibrant company culture in Leeroy Group AB and cooperation based on trust, feedback and partnership.

In a long run Leeroy Group AB managed to complete several business objectives with help of Relout engineers such as optimize staffing costs, backfill critical and time sensitive positions and save 45% on total infrastructure costs.


Our mission is to connect best-in-class, passionate engineers with fast-growing digital & technology companies.

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